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Crystal Clear. Rock Solid.


Dependable Wealth Creation 
& Retirement Income Advice

For People Who Care

At ClearRock Financial, our priority is your financial independence, comfort and success. 

We specialize in serving clients in southern Ontario who are committed to building financial security for both themselves and their families.


Our name reflects who we are and the value we bring to our clients – crystal clear, rock solid advice. Our firm consists of a team of caring, experienced and knowledgeable professionals whose focus is creating comprehensive wealth plans that last a lifetime.


Long Term Wealth Creation

Our clients understand that long-term wealth creation starts with financial goals. Those same goals become the building blocks for the creation of a financial plan that will allow them to create the wealth they need to live a dignified and independent life, free from financial dependency on others.  

Our clients also understand that their own behavior will have a profound impact on their ability to create wealth over the long-term. Having a personalized financial plan will help them stay true to their most cherished financial goals and the financial freedom that comes with wealth.   


The Crystallization Process™

Creating clear and solid solutions to accumulate wealth for individuals who want to live a comfortable lifestyle with the ability to support their loved ones

Crystal Ball

The Crystallization Elements™

A review of important and critical areas of life to formulate an effective wealth solution

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15 Industrial Drive, Elmira, ON N3B 2S1

T: (519) 669-2611
Toll Free: (800) 897-2226

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