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Crystal Ball

How We Help

Our clients know exactly what to expect from us and  they also have the peace of mind of living a comfortable lifestyle with the ability to support themselves and their loved ones both now and in retirement.

We recognize the importance of learning about clients, their families, their passions, their dreams and their financial goals as well as addressing all financially vital areas. We do this through our proven process outlined below. 

Crystallization Process

The Crystallization Process™

Creating clear and solid solutions to accumulate wealth for individuals who want
to live a comfortable lifestyle with the ability to support their loved ones

1. Exploration

Learn about each other, determine if we are a good fit and how we can partner together to support your


2. Mining

Learn about your goals and aspirations. Gather the essential information to build your customized plan.

3. Cutting & Designing

Develop your in-depth comprehensive plan.

6. Confirming Clarity

Share our findings, gather your feedback, and finalize your plan.

5. Setting In Place

Put your plan into action.

4. Polishing

Continue to monitor your progress and adjust to accommodate for life changes.

To learn about the formula we use to support your wealth solutions, see the Crystallization Elements™.

The Crystallization Elements™

A review of important and critical areas of life
to formulate an effective wealth solution

Investment Strategies

Determine an appropriate asset
allocation for your portfolio
and select suitable investment
products to support your plan


Estate Planning

Minimize estate fees, reduce the
administrative burden for your executor and allow a smooth transition of assets
to your beneficiaries


Retirement Planning

Develop an accumulation or
distribution strategy to reflect
your financial plan

Debt Management

Control and reduce the amount of
money you owe


Risk Reduction

Strategies to help protect you against unexpected changes or occurrences

Tax Guidance

Making sure you only pay
what is necessary

Crystallization Elements
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